This blog will document the progress of a collaboration between 9 artists working with the Tate Modern and part of the Unliver sponsored series called The Turbine Generation form the UK and collaborating with their partners in Brazil ending in a live performance and video series.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

First works

This series of works introduces ourselves to the Brazilian partners, we have been making works taken from moments and routines in our everyday lives.

Introductions Through Rhythm

Drumming On Rough Ground

This piece has led on from my previous work, combining the uses of introducing the surrounding area and the UK in general to out Brazilian counterparts and the ideas of creating interesting rhythms and sounds using objects that were never originally intended to be used in such a way.

Originally inspired by Francis Alys and Nothing but a Broom.  
Benjamin David Viney

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Repetition Through Sound

This piece of work has progressed from my previous piece called recording normality. Recording Normality was about introducing my home and everyday environment to our counterparts in Brazil. With 'Nothing But A Broom' I started to look at the objects around me and how they could be used to create different sounds and rhythms that were in contrast to there original purpose. I started with an old Broom lying in the corner of my studio....


Thursday, 8 March 2012

By looking at my everyday routine i discovered that we process multiple actions and objects all day long. I have been experimenting with brushing my teeth with multiple things like; jam, toast, debit card, comb and keys. This led me further to use the form 'a piece of toast' as a platform to show spreadable domestic substances, highlighting there uncanny nature and banal use when spread on a repetitive form.

 Tooth paste

 Hair removal cream

 Boots hair gel


 Hot dog (in brine)

 Cat food

 Receipts (shredded)


Oliver Coltman

Friday, 2 March 2012

Hung Ngo 

This is me practicing on my fight stick for a tournament. I was interested in the sound created when I was playing and also looking at the energy and the movement of my hands when practising.

Jamal Matthews - Journey to Tate Modern

I decided to take pictures with my phone on my way to Tate Modern using my phone's MP3 player. I would take a picture as I left my house, press play and when the song ended or I skipped the song I would take a picture wherever I was. Until I finally reached Tate Modern. 

Benjamin Viney
Recording Normality 

With this work I have been looking into 'Recording Normality'. The work itself has taken the form of a collection whether this is through sound bites or a video clips has varied. The Objects that have been incorporated into my work all have some significant value and often relate to my childhood.

Mark Paul

11 Frames of Sleep

This series of 11 screenshots is taken from a recording of myself sleeping. The film takes place during the transitory period between night and day.
George Rouy

I have taken two routines that I carry out on a daily basis, manipulating them and putting them through various alterations to distort the image. 

     The video that adopts aspects painting, using movement to suggest separation of shape and colour.