This blog will document the progress of a collaboration between 9 artists working with the Tate Modern and part of the Unliver sponsored series called The Turbine Generation form the UK and collaborating with their partners in Brazil ending in a live performance and video series.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

By looking at my everyday routine i discovered that we process multiple actions and objects all day long. I have been experimenting with brushing my teeth with multiple things like; jam, toast, debit card, comb and keys. This led me further to use the form 'a piece of toast' as a platform to show spreadable domestic substances, highlighting there uncanny nature and banal use when spread on a repetitive form.

 Tooth paste

 Hair removal cream

 Boots hair gel


 Hot dog (in brine)

 Cat food

 Receipts (shredded)


Oliver Coltman

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